Butterfly Tattoos - Creature of Spirituality

http://www.tattoobite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/colorful-butterflies-tattoo-on-rib-side.jpg                     There is the notion that each individual has a spirit. This is the unseen and intangible yet vital to human existence. This concept is virtually universal and is widely embraced by many. This key idea in almost every society is also the subject of much consideration and symbolism. To this end, certain creatures are used to represent it. This has given rise to butterfly tattoos being used for this. The creature butterfly tattoos become more than just a piece of art. It serves a more meaningful purpose than that. Every tattoo is more than a patten found on a person's body. The small fluttering creatures that butterfly tattoos are based on are closely associated with the soul of man. Both Western and Eastern cultures make this connection. From the Irish and Greeks to the Mexicans, Africans and Japanese, all share this idea. This notion is not confined in a few but is virtually found within the belief system of every community. The colorful body art this constitutes is used to represent and refer to the human soul. This is regardless of perspective chosen. Butterflies have a wondrous uniqueness. They are determined yet fragile creatures. They naturally are made for change, and this makes them dynamic and diverse. No one is certain of the detailed nature and attributes of the soul. However, this can be inferred from the usual manifestation of it - personality. The variations in these are the same as that of butterflies and thus butterfly tattoos. Each pattern closely mirrors not just the creature it recreates but also the depth of the human spirit. There are many considerations, which can be the basis of associating butterfly tattoos to the idea and value of the human spirit. Setting aside the creations of certain societies and religions, almost everyone has an idea about the soul. The universality of this idea gave rise to the symbolism behind butterfly tattoos. Insight from a careful observation of the life of a butterfly supports this. Its magical change from a crawling thing into a beautiful flying creature is similar to the transcendence of the soul that everyone aspires for. Individuals who believe in this usually have this tattoo. In many cases people opt for the butterfly tattoo since they believe in the exodus of their spirit from the time of birth to their eventual destiny. In the idea of certain Oriental beliefs, the human spirit is meant to go through the tangible world and find enrichment and the attainment of its purpose. This is mirrored by the pupa evolving into a butterfly.