Butterfly Tattoos - The Reality of Change

http://www.custom-design.com.au/catalogue/images/categories/butterfly1.jpg                     Life is all about change. The former significantly involves the latter. Change can be found can be found in every aspect of existence. Individuals undergo it or strive for it. Some reject it while others celebrate it. Those who are against it fight it while those who are open to it allow their lives to be pervaded by it. Butterfly tattoos are the foremost body art that represents the idea and reality of change. The butterfly as a creature can be equated to it. The artistic creation based on it is associated similarly. Butterfly tattoos are widely present on the bodies of people who identify themselves with change. There is great significance connected to butterfly tattoos. In particular, the existence of the animal it is based on is the common emblem used to embody the reality of change. More than this it also represents the need to go through change and the difficulty of the same. This is especially true for those that completely alter a person's life. The sudden change of a pupa into a butterfly is the source of awe for many. This outlines the fact that all change is awe - inspiring, and this small creature represents this. The choice of people to get butterfly tattoos would always involve the idea of change. A butterfly on a person's shoulder or back usually means that the person who has it as a deep and person experience of change in their life. This is an affirmation as to the necessity and beauty of change. It makes life unpredictable, varied and wonderful. A tattoo of this kind is a reflection of this. A person who opts for this tattoo not only adopts this notion but also accepts this fact of life. People who are in the state of transition or whose lives are being radical transformed by change would often get a butterfly tattoo. This pattern is a good symbol to stand for the strength and will to face changes and is consequences. This idea is the usual thought behind most if not all tattoos of this sort being inscribed in people's skin. This does not mean that change is bad. It is a part of life; hence it cannot be judged as something good or evil. It is part of nature. The drive for change and the quest to attain it would often involve getting butterfly tattoos. This is due to the fact that people who aspire for change also want representations of this in their lives. The more vital and striking the change there is the compelling the need to have a tangible representation of this. Having a tattoo based on the ideal of change is very common for individuals who have strong conviction about this. Due to the connection of butterfly tattoos to change those who are open and like change usually have the same. The tattoo may be an abstract or have a very detailed pattern.