Looking for the Best Tattoo Butterfly Designs

                   http://loudmeyell.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Best-Butterfly-Tattoo-Designs.jpg When trying to decide on what tattoo you want it can be a difficult decision as there are thousands of different designs. Your taste, style and budget will often determine how big the tattoo is and where you have it placed. One tattoo that is very popular is the butterfly design it can look great either on its own or in a group. There are countless different designs to choose from and you will need to choose one very well to suit your personality and budget. Once you have decided that a butterfly tattoo is for you then you will need to decide what style you want it in. This is a popular tattoo to have done because of the eye catching colors that are often used on the wings. Although there are no set rules as to what colors you choose you will want them to be bright and look great on you. Where you have the butterfly tattoo will be your next consideration and how big it is will also need to be thought about. Butterflies are one of those tattoo's that will look great as a very small design or a huge back piece there are no limits and it will look fantastic either way. You can have the butterflies incorporated into another tattoo to make one design and often they are a nice way to link two different tattoos together. You can also have other items which will look fantastic with the butterflies, fairies and stars will finish the piece of well. There are many different reasons why women feel close to butterflies and everyone will have their own reasons for selecting this type of design. Butterflies are often symbols of transformation and a new stage in your life; they will also represent joy and love. Many people have the butterfly tattoo done because they have experienced a huge change in their life. The tattoo is a way of expressing what they have gone though and the new stage in their ever changing life. Although for some people there is no symbol behind the tattoo and they have simply chosen it because it is pretty. Butterflies are often very delicate designs and you will find it hard to find a harsh looking butterfly tattoo. They are very pretty and can look great in several different places on your body although shoulders and ankles are the most popular places. You can choose so many different types of butterflies some in flight and others sitting the possibilities are endless. Only your imagination will hold you back where your tattoo is concerned. Whatever your reason is for choosing the butterfly tattoo you need to think about it carefully and choose one that will stay with you for life. You do not want to look back on your tattoo in a few years and regret having it done. Although tattoos are personal choices you do have to think about what your design will look like in a few years. A good tattoo will look great for your whole life so ensure that you use a good tattoo artist with a good reputation to do your butterfly tattoo.