Nature, Creativity, and Pleasure, Through Butterfly Tattoo Designs

           In both United States and in Europe as well as world over, creative tattoo designs have become fashionable. Almost every other person now sports tattoos and latest designs are all the rage. With this explosion in interest, choice in design has exploded too. You will no longer be limited to few bare designs if you want to get a tattoo on your skin, but offered a huge assortment of designs varied in size and intricacy. Few of the most trendy tattoo designs include tattoo designs based on butterflies, dragons, tribal patterns, henna art, and crucifixes and other religious symbols and themes. In fact complete list will take too long to enumerate. Among these butterfly tattoo designs have wide appeal. Their eye catching vibrancy and sexual appeal attracts everyone. And butterfly based designs have been around for a longer time, not only in tattoos. You can find innovative butterfly based designs on all sorts of accessories, garments, jewelries, and baggage. You will be spoiled for choice by the available butterfly tattoo designs. Some of the butterfly tattoo designs are blended with other motifs. For instance most desired butterfly tattoo designs are those that combine tribal patterns and Celtic motifs with butterfly designs. Tribal patterns are derived from traditional Native American and other aboriginal patterns used by various tribes across the globe, such as those in Borneo. Celtic motifs derive from Scotch and Irish clans and tribes. Similarly you will find butterfly tattoo motif combined with fairy motif, carrying forward the long association of butterflies with fairies, who are traditionally represented with butterfly like wings. Other animal designs are also combined with butterfly designs. Given the close association of butterfly with Mother Nature in general and the range of colors that can be used, any other design motif closely associated with nature can be combined with it to great creative effect. All these butterfly designs have become favorites with both sexes. However it is women who favor the butterfly tattoos the most. In fact butterfly tattoo designs constitute the majority of tattoos women select. When it comes to availability of colors, butterfly tattoo designs again show wide range. They include traditional two tone designs on one hand and designs with multiple colors on the other. Butterfly tattoo can be tattooed into any part of skin, though mostly used in arms or shoulders. If you are brave enough to withstand the pain, you may consider the ankle and neck as suitable spots get a butterfly tattoo. Butterfly tattoo can be permanent tattoos or temporary tattoos depending on the wearer's choice. Because butterfly tattoos can be a form of artistic expression and allow a wider range of original possibilities in color, they form a favorite tattoo design with arty types. You will often see people from world of fashion and other worlds of arts sporting such tattoos. Sometimes they will go for butterfly tattoos created from body paint instead of permanently burned ones since they allow more colors to design's wings. Such tattoos can be cleared from the skin after some time with minimal effort, either by using water or in some cases by using other cleaning materials like soap or common paint removers. Advantage of such temporary butterfly tattoos is that you gain the ability to display a variety of tattoos.