Butterfly Tattoos - Aspects of Butterflies and Women

http://www.cuded.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/48-butterfly_tattoo600_592.jpg                   Among the very common tattoos in circulation is the butterfly tattoo. It is one of the most beautiful and well made body art pieces. It is usually linked to the female gender. This is predicted on many reasons. However, this is an undeniable fact. Many women with tattoos often have this particular pattern. For women who are thinking of having one placed on their skin this is among the likely designs they will choose. Butterfly tattoos are not just attractive body art choices they also have deep symbolism. The connection of butterfly tattoos to women and their persons is widely accepted. This is because the butterfly, which the tattoo is based on is said to have traits that women also have. Butterflies are colorful, attractive, interesting and wonderful creatures. These attributes are very similar to those that are seen in most women. They way women act, think and are can be likened to a butterfly's magnificence. By having a tattoo of this kind a woman validates this notion. She also agrees to this connection of the feminine nature and the butterfly. There are many kinds of butterflies. Each is unique in its appearance such as color combinations, wing patterns and the like. This level of uniqueness and varieties is perhaps why this animal is closely associated with the female gender. The same can be said of butterfly tattoos. In fact, women who have them are also noted to have colorful personalities, unique attitudes and over - all grace. This is the basic reason as to the connection between these tattoos and the nature of women. A less noticed attribute of women is that they are more than what they appear. There is more to them than what is easily noticeable. Butterfly tattoos represent this very well. The creature it is based on is also more known for the traits that are apparent than those which are not perceptible to the senses. There is a greater depth in the aspects of a butterfly as there are in women. This is also one of the main reasons for getting this body art pattern. It has significant allusions to the unseen attributes in women. Butterfly tattoos also embody the reality, need and capability to transcend and become better. In the case of women this is more particularly centered on becoming more attractive and beautiful. The metamorphosis of a pupa into a magnificent butterfly is similar to the change women undergo. This is very similar to the transition they make from being girls to young ladies. This tattoo is a potent reminder of this change that most women undergo. This also means that this pattern symbolizes a notable aspect in women.