Butterfly Tattoos - Openly Accepting Change

http://www.cuded.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/2-butterflies-on-thigh-tattoo600_539.jpg                     Change is an important and indispensable part of life. In fact, there is the idea that the only thing that is certain is change. Everyone experiences changes daily. Some individuals notice it others do not. Those that do may either accept it or actively exert effort to resist it. The butterfly tattoos are for those that accept change and may even welcome it whole - heartedly. This body art pattern is indicative of this since its main design is that of a creature which is usually associated with change. Butterfly tattoos are prolific among individuals who have a close connection with change. Butterfly tattoos have deep symbolism. This is based on the life cycle of the creature that is featured. It is known that all butterflies begin as pupa. They then undertake a process of radical transformation and end up becoming the colorful creatures that are usually seen gardens. Many are even amazed that something that a pupa with its appearance and characteristics end up as a magnificent butterfly. It is the epitome of the universal fact of change. When individuals get butterfly tattoos, they often consider this idea. Having a butterfly pattern on one's skin is usually a representation that the person that has it has some connection with the idea and experience of change. They may have gotten that tattoo to celebrate change and how it makes life interesting, diverse and unpredictable. That may also stand for their acceptance of the changes that life may bring especially to them and everything they know. A butterfly tattoo on a person's back or arm may mean that the person which has it is undergoing radical changes in their life or have already gone through such an experience. The butterfly design is used to represent the ability of a person to endure and go through significant changes in their life. Change is not in itself bad or harmful rather it is the consequences that it brings that may be a boon or a bane. When people get butterfly tattoos, this may imply that they seek, want and even need change. The said pattern is well-known for embodying that. This can also be considered that getting this kind of body art is a radical shift in one's life. Getting a tattoo is a unique and uncommon form of expression. For individuals to get one especially that of a butterfly this shows the extent by which they have undertaken to have change in their lives.