Pinnacle of Creativity Behind Butterfly Tattoos                     Butterfly tattoos are one of the most difficult and yet most artistic patterns in the field of body art. This is because of several aspects that are involved in these kinds of tattoos. All of them taken together definitively makes butterfly tattoos one of the most popular designs in use. Artists and enthusiasts alike all would opt to do or have this particular tattoo aside from other options in the form of other patterns. This popularity of these tattoos is based on aesthetic and socio - cultural values. There is a multitude of butterfly species known to man. Each is unique to the rest. Diversity is part of their nature. This is further proven by the presence of uniqueness in color and wing patterns even among individuals of the same kind. This has also resulted in diversity among butterfly tattoos. Each work is never the same in comparison to another. This is still true even if it was done by the same artist. Individuals may also get the same tattoo. However, they would end up asking for variations for their version. There is also a significant amount of skill, craftsmanship and talent involved in the creation of butterfly tattoos. Each piece begins as a pattern that is usually made by artists. They are not necessarily the ones who will etch it on the bodies of various individuals. Some pieces are very intricate and have ornate details that would require abilities that are not common among tattoo artists. This implies that the piece which the tattoo will be patterned on will be an artistic endeavor aside from the actual tattoo. Butterfly tattoos are a versatile form of body art. It can be the main piece on a person's skin or are part of a greater pattern. There is the extensive use of butterfly recreations as part of floral patterns and other designs. This would have resulted in astounding and attractive tattoos. By themselves, these tattoos are also renowned as beautiful and artistic pieces. This two main application of this pattern has contributed to its popularity. Furthermore, the appeal of tattoo designs is in part dependent on its versatility. Butterfly tattoos are also widely known and used for the symbolism connected to it. This means that it is more than just an art piece is. Although this does not discount its aesthetic value, it must be noted that there is more to it. Each piece has a certain meaning and conveys a particular message. The pattern has relevance in many cultures and beliefs. It represents many ideas like change, life, aspiration and even destiny. The creature that is used as the pattern of this tattoo is also equated with the human soul.